The red chrysanthemum flower is the common feature of the Naruko Kokeshi dolls, and the shape, pattern and arrangement of the flower on each Kokeshi are decided by the craftsmen, who apply their creativity along with the acquired skills into making each piece a unique one, much like a “family crest”. The “Naruko Nekokeshi” – our new artwork ? is the modern form of the traditional Kokeshi pattern handed down by my grandmother to my mother along with the paintbrush she used to paint them with.


To express our love and respect towards my grandmother, we have named the doll as “SHIGE” after my grandmother’s name. Our cute yet traditional “Naruko Nekokeshi” is waiting to spruce up a corner of your house.




Made from Mizuki (Cornel) Tree

Mizuki means “wood of water” in Japan, because it contains a lot of moisture and is so sappy that its sap comes out like water. As the name tells, it is characterized in the moist smooth hand feeling and beautiful white wood surface. In the Tohoku area, this wood material has been very popular for a long time as the raw material for Kokeshi dolls.



Made from Enju (Pagoda) Tree

Enju is characterized in glass-like prestigious glossiness, and strong wood grains. In Japan, this tree is regarded as a talisman against evil or as a tree bringing in happiness. In the Tohoku area, this tree is held in high esteem as it is very hard and difficult to process, while it is very rare to find.