Made in Naruko, Japan.

Cute and simple, palm-size cat dolls that originated in Naruko, a Japanese town popularly known as the hometown of Kokeshi dolls. The dolls are artfully created by the Kokeshi craftsmen who pour their heart into the making of these dolls. Thanks to the traditional art that goes into their making and a contemporary touch, they serve as both a beautiful art piece with a traditional touch and a cute and fashionable wooden showpiece for those who have a modern taste for room and desk decoration. All in all, a Kokeshi is a perfect gift that can make your friends, family and loved ones feel special!






These Naruko Kokeshi dolls have long been loved by children as toys and have also been popular as local souvenirs of Naruko village. Later in the era of economic growth of Japan after the Greater East Asian War (WWII), these dolls attracted the attention of adults who started to appreciate their beauty and keep them in their collection, resulting in the development of a big industry in the village. The Kokeshi dolls soon gained the recognition as a piece of art made by the skillful craftsmen who remained behind the curtains but continued to contribute to the regional industry of Kokeshi-making. My grandmother was one of them. She painted many Naruko Kokeshi dolls in her life, and passed on the tradition of Naruko Kokeshi to her children and even to us, her grandchildren. Her Kokeshi dolls have taken a new form of a cat Kokeshi. My grandmother was a big cat lover, and the Naruko Cat Kokeshi symbolizes her art that reflects a splendid yet modest journey of the three generations.




Nekokeshi and Their Journey

Every single piece of the artfully hand-carved Naruko Nekokeshi dolls is unique in terms of features and color. They are not only an art piece but an apple of the artists' eye. From deep down the mountains of Naruko town, they travel across oceans and skies before making it to your home. To prepare them for this long journey, we take utmost precaution in their packaging to ensure they reach safe and sound!

Packing light is the principal rule of travel. The idea behind simple packaging of Naruko Nekokeshi dolls is to give you a feel of radical beauty. By keeping the packaging simple, we have tried to cut down the unnecessary expenses for our customers to rest assured that they are paying only for the doll. Additionally, we use recycled paper for an eco-friendly packaging. Gifting it to someone special? Then try elaborating your very own gift-wrapping ideas to render a unique look to the Nekokeshi!




Wholesale Rates and Services

Place an order for 30 or more dolls at a time to get a special discount offer. In addition to offering a discount on our wholesale service, we recommend that you try out our packaging and delivery service to gift Naruko Nekokeshi dolls to your near and dear ones on special occasions! You can personalize the gift with the name of receiver on the package and a gift wrapping of your choice. Just mail us to convey your choices and your dream gift will be ready to deliver!

* Our customers may please note that depending on the order quantity and your special requests, it may take up to months to deliver your order. It is a sincere request that you keep sufficient time margin to allow us deliver the best. We appreciate your understanding. Have queries? Feel free to mail us on our following mail address:




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